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Welcome to Global Battle Systems Clan pages! 

Hi, this is our little web space that we have dedicated to the “excellent” game named “Operation Flashpoint”.

 We have started a game clan who play together on the net. In this early beginning of the clan we’re not that many but that will hopefully change soon. We have our own OPF server 24H online almost all the time.. We have dedicated the server to CoOp games, this is because we like this kind of game play.  We always welcome new members in our clan, look at member page for more info about that.

If u want to see your mission on our web site and on our server, then send us a mail. (Address on server)

As always, have a nice day.


?:I want to join the Global Battle Systems Clan!

Then some criteria's need to be agreed upon

1: You have to get/have an ICQ# / Yahoo / AIM or MSN...
2: You have to have less then 200ms ping on our server.
3: This is not a training Clan, this is a CoOp /CTI  Clan!
4: Age is relevant... we in GBS are in the 30's!
5: GBS is not based on a democracy.

Server stats
Server Querries

Contact Moadib at: ICQ# 363610

Contact Hakon at: ICQ# 145418132




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